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Nanning Xingeshan Electronic Technology Co. is a RFID integrated factory with 13 years of manufacturing experience. Since our establishment in 2009, we believe that RFID technology will helps realize the dream of the IoE, we are responsible for making the RFID technology grow deep into every corner of the world. There is no doubt that with the popularity of IoT applications, RFID technology will become the step of industrial civilization progress.

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    Founded in 2009
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    Production workshop 2,000+ square meters
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    Exported 40+ Countries
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    Annual Capacity 300+ Million Labels

Company Culture


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"It's my job to make sure that every RFID tag in our customers' hands is qualified," said Yang, a young and experienced quality inspector. "This is the second year that I came to XGSun. I have gradually grown from a novice to one of the leaders of the QC team. XGSun provided me with the platform for career advancement and taught me to treat family and life with a rigorous vision."



  • Product Team

    Product Team

    A team of engineers with 13 years of design experience.

  • Management Team

    Management Team

    Responsible core management team creates perfect quality service.

  • QC Team

    QC Team

    We will repay customer's trust with the best quality.

  • Production Team

    Production Team

    Turn every creative industry design into reality.





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    XGSun Participated in IOTE 2023 in Shanghai

    XGSun recently participated in the 19th Shanghai International Internet of Things Exhibition in IOTE 2023 as an RFID electronic tag manufacturer & service provider.  XGSun is one of the leaders in the radio frequency identification (RFID) industry and has been providing high-quality RFID labe...

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    How does RFID work in Retail Stores?

    RFID technology has been used in the garment industry for a long time. In the past, it was more focused on upstream links such as warehousing and logistics, and it was relatively rare to extend to store operations. In recent years, more and more brand manufacturers have extended the application o...

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    How Effective are RFID Jewelry Tags?

    RFID jewelry tags are specially designed for retail store management, accurate and fast inventory, tracking on shelves and warehouses. Jewelry smart management is to monitor, control and track jewelry by attaching RFID tags to precious jewelry, combined with RFID jewelry management equipment inst...

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